rooms & facilities

little cubs : 8 weeks - 12 months

Our home from home Little Cubs room allows for our babies to receive dedicated care. Babies can join us from 8 weeks old (after their first immunisations). Our Little Cubs room is bright, colourful but calming and full of lots of natural light. We have endeavoured to create an atmosphere that is warm and trusting, giving your baby every chance to thrive. Our focus is to nurture the attachment process so that your baby feels cared for and settled. Your baby will experience lots of sensory play, social interaction, treasure baskets (exploring everyday objects) and singing & signing time. We also give lots of time, practice and encouragement when your baby achieves those first milestones such as sitting up and standing.

***The Room Leader is Aisling McClean who is qualified to NVQ level 3 in Child Care Learning and development. She is assisted by Emma McAlorum who holds a degree in Early Childhood Studies & Orla Eeles who holds level 2 Diploma.

Your key carer will provide you on a daily basis with a handover of all relevant information such as sleeps, food/formula intake, and play. Daily communication books are used with record slips for you to take home. You will need to provide a change of clothes, nappies, wet wipes, and bottles. We also encourage special comforters that you know will settle your child such as a soother or snuggle blanket.

Baby Sleep Room

In our separate baby sleep room we have tried to create a warm, relaxing and peaceful environment where your child can enjoy resting. Babies sleep in traditional cots. We try to reflect what you are doing at home so that any established sleep pattern is supported. Staff undertake visual checks of the children every 15mins as well as relying on the use of a Baby monitor.

little monkeys : 12 months - 2 years

Our Little Monkeys are situated in the same room as our Babies and children will move across around the time of their first birthday or when they are on their feet and walking. The 2 age groups are only separated by a barrier which allows the Little Monkeys more room to move about as they experience the new world of walking. This location also makes a good transition for the Little Cubs as they can see across to the new staff, friends and environment that they will encounter when they too start to walk.

Little Monkeys is a fun and interactive room where children’s personal, social and emotional skills are developed and where children are encouraged to play together, share and take turns. This is an age of great discovery and adventure through play both inside and outside. At this age children learn to walk, co-operate, express themselves and their needs. To encourage learning and new skills this room adopts a programme of changing, structured activities from which the children will learn throughout their day. This ensures the Little Monkeys are continually learning and stimulated by new things, whilst still having the freedom to choose what to play with and how. Children at this age begin to form friendships with those of their own age and this social interaction is a very important part of every child's development.

At lunch time the children are encouraged to hold a spoon and attempt to feed themselves. Eventually the children will be given the opportunity to sit at a low level table on a chair and feed themselves, all in preparation for their next steps to Cuddly Bears Room at 24 months.

The majority of children at this stage of development are ready to have one nap throughout the day. We provides sleep mats for each child to have a sleep before lunch, however, if a parent requests a second nap for their child, we are happy to work alongside the parents to accommodate this.

***The Room Leader is Lisa McKee level 3 Diploma in Children’s Care learning and development. She is assisted by Leighanne McNiece who holds Diploma in childcare and level 5 in management. Also Mairead McColgan who holds level 2 in child development.

cuddly bears : 2 years - 3 years

The children of the Cuddly Bears Room enjoy a daily routine which we encourage the children to follow on a daily basis, that provides a range of different activities; for example, Arts/crafts, messy play, sand/water play, baking, construction play, etc.

Our room is registered for a total of 16 children at one time with a staff ratio of 1:4. The Room Leader is responsible for planning activities each month and ensuring that all areas of learning are covered and that observations are made on every child.

At snack and lunch time we encourage the children to feed themselves to help promote independence. Sleep time is on offer for all the children if required, or if they have outgrown this stage, we provide a supervised area for them to play while their friends are sleeping.

There are small children toilets just off the main room to ensure the boys and girls feel comfortable for when the time comes for toilet training.

***The room leader is Ciara Diver, who is qualified to NVQ Level 3 in Child Care Learning and Development. She is ably assisted by Emma Louise Cunningham, &Michelle McCullough, who also hold an NVQ Level 3 in Child Care Learning and Development. Clare Rooney who holds Cash Diploma level 3, Seana Bellew who holds NVQ level 2 in childcare and Kathryn Austin who holds level 3 in CCLD and level 5 in management.

jungle buddies : 3 years - 4 years

The staff in our pre-school room follow a curriculum which prepares your child for their entry into school life and promotes the six areas of learning:

1. Personal, Social & Emotional
This area promotes Settling, Sharing and Turn taking, Concentration Skills, Understanding, Independence and Self Help Skills.

2. Physical
Physical Development is encouraged through indoor and outdoor play. We concentrate on Fine Motor Skills such as threading, cutting and jigsaws and Gross Motor Skills such as running and jumping.

3. The Arts
This area covers Art & Design, Music & Movement, Role Play, Imaginative Play and learning colours.

4. The World Around Us
Children naturally investigate & experience their environment, indoors and outdoors, everyday. We expand on this area of development through the use of technology, construction and exploration.

5. Language
Communication skills are focused on, alongside listening, concentration, pre-writing skills and reading.

6. Mathematical
Early maths is introduced through number, measure, pattern, shape & space and sorting.

***The room leader is Nicole McGarrity, who is qualified to NVQ Level 3 in Child Care Learning and Development. She is ably assisted by Aimee Boyd who also holds an NVQ Level 3 in Child Care Learning and Development and Marie Dillon who holds level 2 in Playwork.

Wise owls : 4 years - 5 years (Nursery age)

Our children are pre-school age. The children within the room all attend nursery school which we provide a pick-up service. We aim to carry on their education while with us through fun activities such as baking, messy play, small world play, table top and much more. During midterm we aim for the children to go on different outings such as the zoo, W5, cinema and different parks within the area.

***The Room leader is Marie Therese Jennings who holds CCLD diploma in childcare level 2 & 3 also level 2 & 3 in Playwork. She is assisted by Karen Mc Bride who holds CACHE diploma in childcare..

Afterschool (Safari Den)

Our afterschool is based in a separate building which is in St. John’s Youth Club. It can hold up to 30 children aged between 5 & 12 years old. It is very bright and spacious for the children to do lots of different and activities. There is also a large hall for physical play and an upstairs for children to do their homework’s which is much quieter for them to concentrate better.

Out of school operates from 1pm to 6pm. Except from midterm break and throughout the summer months we operate from 7.30 to 6pm

***The room leader is Liam Whelan who is qualified level 3 in CCLD. He is assisted by Colleen Long, Ciara Farrell and Stacey Quinn.