food & healthy eating

All food during your child’s day at Start Smart Daycare is included in the fee (excluding formula)

Breakfast 7:30am - 8:30am For those early arrivals. Selection of cereals or porridge.
Morning Snack 9:30am comprises of toast or pancake and variety of fruit.
Lunchtime 12:30pm 3 week rotating menu offering an extensive variety of healthy dinners.
Afternoon Snack 3:30pm comprises of toast or pancake and variety of fruit.

The majority of our children would go home from 5pm, but for those parents that require daycare up to 6pm are welcome to send in an additional meal/snack for their child to consume.

We have a 3 week menu which we rotate weekly. We have two qualified cooks which prepare wholesome foods that any parent would be pleased to set down to their family. Menus are carefully devised with not just the nutritional balance in mind but also children likes and dislikes. We also provide a delicious range of dishes which are suitable for children who have specific dietary requirements including those with vegetarian or gluten free preferences.